Sunday, February 17, 2013

Dr. Seuss Bulletin Board

Upper Left- One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish - Fishing For Compliments. Students earned fish for random acts of kindness. Students also had the opportunity to estimate how many fish they though were in the fish bowl.

Upper Right- Dr. Seuss ABC- Hip Hip Hooray For Hamilton Seuss Day! all "H's" in red for Hamilton.

Lower Left- The Lorax- Truffula Tree with magnetic letters to make CVC words

Lower Right- The Cat in the Hat- Different color hats to work on color word identification.

Maps & Globes

Here are the book bags for my Maps & Globes unit. There are 8 book bags each containing a list of guided reading questions (pre reading, during reading, and post reading) and a culminating activity. The books range in level from about a level D to a level M . I use these book bags as partner work but you could use them in small groups, or pick one to use for a whole group lesson.

Titles and Authors (levels if found on scholastic leveler)

Reading Maps by David Rhys
A Birds Eye View by Marcia Freeman
Find Your Way (author unknown)
Looking at Maps and Globes by Carmen Bredeson (K)
Types of Maps by Mary Wade (I)
Map Keys by Rebecca Aberg (I)
Maps by Joellyn Cicciarelli
Mapping Pennies World by Loreen Leedy (M)

There is also a formal lesson plan included that is aligned to the Common Core Standards for 1st Grade. I taught this as a two day project. Day one was read and pull out key terms and answer basic understanding questions. Day two was re read, map project, and present new information to classmates.