Thursday, March 28, 2013

Math Bowling

My first graders love to play this. I used it as a math station. I used foam pins and a foam ball (borrowed from PE)  but you could also use something smaller like plastic cups and make it a table top game. I liked that it was large motor. The more i can keep my kids moving and involved the better they do. I taped 10 X's on the floor so they would know where to reset up the pins after they knocked them down.  Students had to bowl once and then do the math and complete the picture on their "score card" For example if they knocked down 3 pins they would color in 3 of the circles and write 10-3=7. I provided the 10 to get them started but later on the sheet I had them write the whole equation.

Score Card TpT

* Addition- You could also use the back side,
change the minus to plus and also play this as

 __+ __ = __

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