Sunday, August 25, 2013

Classroom progress...

Still waiting on a counter top to be ripped out and a bulletin board to be installed but hopefully that will be done soon so i can get all my morning meeting and calendar stuff put in. In the mean time I have put together my library, my closet, my shelves, and my word wall. 

Monday... It got worse before it got better. 

Front rug area for morning meeting and whole group. (To Do: rip out counter top, install bulletin board, and projector with  elmo,  also hoping for a round meeting rug)
My desk and listening center. The door goes into the classroom next-door.  

Class library. Books leveled by genre and DRA level. 

This is the opposite side of the shelf in the library but faces my desk. Weekly copies and lesson plans, office supplies and games and puzzles (some of  the games and puzzles might get moved to a kids area or the close) 

Large storage closet- multiple copies book sets, extra manipulatives and toys for choice time or indoor recess  
Front area and alpha line

Kidney table for guided reading and word wall 

Front white board. The shelf with the green tubs is two sided. Kids will use green tubs for  mailboxes.

kids tables 

I have PLC training and other meeting all next week but hopefully that will give them time to get some of the construction done. Crossing my fingers everything is ready by Thur for Open House!!

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